Friday, September 30, 2011

Picky eater? Never give up!

I have to say that one of the most annoying thing that happens as a parrot owner is the amount of waste parrots can do, specially when they are picky eaters.

While I do have a little garbage disposal who will eat just about anything (Shade), I also have some birds that are less than enthusiastic about the diet of fresh foods as well as cooked goodies.

Zuri was, for a long time, the pickiest eater. I do offer a little seed to my birds as well as pellets and he'd stick to mostly that. He often ignored most of the fresh food offered as well as the cooked mashes. But other than keep offering the food to him, there wasn't much else to do.

Well it seems that the near 3 years of persistence when it came to giving him food he wouldn't touch has payed off. These last few weeks I've been very impressed with Zuri - he's eating just about anything offered at dinner time with much gusto! In fact, lately he's often cleared out his bowl with little to be found on the ground of his cage. Is it the influence of Shade, who's cage is next to his that made a difference, I don't know.

One thing is clear - never give up on those picky eaters!! Keep offering fresh food and one day they might surprise you!

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