Saturday, November 26, 2011

Léa's continuous molt

I discussed about her losing some of the orange feathers on her head, here are some feathers I've collected over the last week alone. She's definitively molting out of her baby feathers.

(I meant to share something taken with my DSLR, but I was unhappy with those shots, kinda liked the processing I was able to do on my I stupidly tried taking pictures of the loose feathers with Léa out and one visit from her sent them all flying..)


Sarah said...

Enjoying your blog! I am new to owning a parrot. We got our Meyer's in early Sept when she was 12 weeks old. Wondering when he will I am quite interested in seeing pics of Lea! You have a gorgeous flock...I would LOVE to have another parrot but my husband disagrees. Easy for him to say as our "Jojo" has picked him as his mate!lol

Natacha said...

@Sarah - thanks for the kind words! How old is your Meyer's now?

Tamara said...

Beautiful display :)