Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cape close-up

These are from early October - going through some backlog! Trying to keep the blog posts at one a day so that the end result is 365 posts for the year can be tricky some time!

Oh and we got some good news this morning! Turns out Léa is the November Hoot Pack winner (or is it September/October?..it doesn't manner, we won!) at Crystal's Bird Toys! Not sure what the prize will entail - it's a surprise!


Tamara said...

Lea is such a pretty girl. I just love the expression in her eyes :) People always ask me if birds are 'fun' pets, and I say yes, and more than that. They have a real presence. It's amazing.

Natacha said...

Thanks! They do have a real presence and such personalities! Love them! :)