Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oliver's Garden Prize and more!

I recently came in second in a photo contest on Avian Avenue, which was sponsored by Oliver's Garden. The theme was "Making Waves" and I entered a picture of wet Léa sitting on her Oliver's Garden anchor swing.

The prize was a mini crawler (small or large depending on the winning bird's size) as well as appropriate toys. Of all the contests I've seen on Avian Avenue, this was the ONE I wanted to win.

Sadly, it wasn't so. However, Susan showed us once more how generous she would be by offering $30 and $20 gift certificates to the second and third place winners as well as offering 10% off all orders made by everyone who entered into the competition before the end of October.

What did I end up getting with my prize money? Well since the picture was of Léa, it was going to be on a toy for her. And I've been tempted for a while to get the Ruby toy so I did..

Oliver's Garden "Ruby" toy

I knew it was going to be big! It's HUGE! Léa was out of her cage when I got my box so I showed the toy to her and she was very very interested in it! In fact, she seemed to want to chip at the blocks right away but I stopped her since I hadn't taken a picture of Ruby at that point.

Knowing how badly I wanted to win, specifically for the net portion of the prize, the Boy offered to get one for me. So he did - he purchased a large mini crawler.

Oliver's Garden Large Mini Crawler

I haven't figured out quite yet where I'll hang it, but obviously wanted it up for the picture. Léa also got to try it and she LOVED it - she climbed all over it and did not want to come off. I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to get a full size crawler when I'll have the space - now I definitively will!

Léa on her Large Mini Crawler

The Boy also got a few more things for the birds; one can be seen on the crawler pictures - the multicoloured fish known as the Rainbow Trout Jr. - as well as an Intermediate Anchor.

Oliver's Garden Rainbow Trout Jr. & Intermediate Anchor

In between the order having been put in and it being shipped, I received a previous Oliver's Garden order, the one with my Skywalk for Léa. Since I was so happy with it and thinking the smaller Pois might enjoy something similar but on a smaller scale, I asked Susan if she could make one. It was included in this order and I cannot express how happy I am with it - it is gorgeous! I honestly don't know if I can put it in Joey's cage, at least not right away, as it was intended for him and he's one of the best chewers and it's just too pretty to be destroyed quickly!

Oliver's Garden Skywalk Perch

Finally, I got a few freebies, some of which are sporting Holiday colours.


Coco said...

Love that second photo of Lea... what an acrobat!!! So cute :)

Suddenly the room feels incomplete without a Ruby. Might have to squeeze one in on the next order :)

Natacha said...

Will you have it in natural? Coloured? If in colour, blue or red? :)