Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Léa's new obsession

Honestly, it's not one I'm too happy about.

What is it? Well let me show you with the help of a picture.

Granted it might not look all that obvious. What she is doing is removing some scabs on my arms. See, with the help of her incredibly sharp baby nails, my arms have looked pretty bad these last few weeks, all scratched and such. Unfortunately, Léa has developed a passion to try and take off any scabs..which doesn't help the healing process go any faster. I try to discourage her with other loved items, such as wood beads, but she's a stubborn one. She also has seem to move on to include any type of skin tags and moles..While I appreciate the fact that she wants to preen me, there are just some things that aren't meant to be taken off by her very precise beak.

In other news, while I'm still waiting on the coral to come on her forehead, that little red pin feather I blogged about a few days ago is officially her first coral feather on her ankle. While it's not yet fully open combined with Léa's effort to make it ever so difficult for me to get a picture of it, here is a small glimpse at the new colour on her ankle.

Léa's first official coral ankle feather!

As well, still in relation to yesterday's post, from what I have gathered, the coral on the ankle comes first, followed by the coral on the wings / forehead. So since she's just starting to get colour on her ankles, there is still plenty of time for her to grow the feathers elsewhere.

But what does her head look like nowadays? Well here is a profile shot of her from today.

She was a bit uncooperative when it came to me taking a picture of the top of her head, but you can see how the line of baby orange feathers is slowly receding. Another thing that might be worth noticing is the shape of her head - here it looks nice and round, which would be a strong indication of a female in any of the other Poicephalus parrots, as female have a rounder head whilst the males have a bit broader and flat head.

I'll finish with one last picture of Léa where I find she looks genuinely happy!


Coco said...

Hahahaha, Lola also had super sharp baby nails, but they didn't go away... do you use any pedicure perches? Lola doesn't like the nail file (and I haven't been very good about training her to let me use it on her), but some pedicure perches really work wonders and it hasn't been an issue since!!

Natacha said...

I'm still shopping for one for Léa - the small guys' nails are ok, I'm assuming because of the flagstone perch. But I'm not sure what to use for Lea - any recommendation?