Saturday, November 12, 2011

And I thought hormones were dying down..

..I was wrong.

So very wrong.

The Boy was letting the birds out a few minutes ago as I waited in the living room for them - most of them generally fly out of the birdroom on their own.

Generally this goes over fine, albeit the Red-bellieds landings are always something to watch out for as they come out of the birdroom very fast and don't generally know where they want to land until they are .5 seconds away from landing.

Tonight...well I don't know if they had conspired about what they did, but they were bad.

Joey was out first - I honestly can't remember if Piper was on me or close to me but all I know is that Joey went for my head - and he was NOT nice about it. It could have been that Piper was on my head and he decided to go for him, as he's done so a few times (although rarely as he's generally pretty subdued) or he might have just gone for me. I don't know. But I ended up shielding my face with my arm and it's good, since he decided to latch onto my hand. He's never done this before.

Oh and Piper is fine.

Pixel on the other hand went straight for Shade. I heard a scream but that was immediately followed by sounds of a bird flying off (this happened as I had Joey on me) and it ended up being Shade who had moved on to another tree. Once I was rid of Joey, I checked her out and she was fine. While Joey acting how he did was out of the ordinary, what happened between Pixel and Shade isn't so much. I always check where Pixel intends to land as she's tried what she did tonight in the past. Shade also seems to know of Pixel's intentions and that's probably why she managed to avoid the attack.

All of them were doing so much better lately. Why this happened tonight, why both of them did what they did at the same time eludes me - well I can only guess that Pixel seeing me occupied with Joey figured there was an opening for mischief of her own..

Never let your guard down.

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