Sunday, November 6, 2011

Léa's Hoot Pack from CBT has arrived!

Crystal (Crystal's Bird Toys) brought over Léa's Hoot Pack today!

Léa actually was Ms. Social and was not shy in front of Crystal - I'm pretty sure Crystal might have been the first stranger Léa met since coming home with us. She did very well! The others seemed intrigued by Crystal but remained on the slightly shy side - however, Petey did grace her with a "Hi Petey" or two!

The contents of the Hoot Pack -

There were two toys of her Winter & Holiday collection:

The medium Ugly Holiday Sweater - I find the name misleading, it's actually a pretty nice/neat toy! There are almonds hiding within the pods and that is sure to drive Léa crazy..

The Snowball - I find this toy very cute!

There were also two foot toys, the Nutty Donuts and the Nutty Cupcakes.

Thank you Crystal!

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Tamara said...

Ooooo, nice! Now I know what to order from CBT :)