Monday, November 7, 2011

Better late than never! A T4W order

Danita has done it again! She's made some wonderful toys that seem too pretty to give to the birds to be destroyed - but they will, if only because that will allow me to purchase more!

As for the title of this post, it has to do with "collection" some of the toys I received today are from - the Fall and Halloween collections. It seems a bit late, specially when it comes to the Halloween one, but it's not like the birds would know or care!

This first one is called "Harvest Moon". I found it very neat and I might have it hanging outside cages as I'm sure it will please more than one bird.

This is the "Pumpkin Pants" - no longer on the website. I couldn't pass it as it's somewhat named after Léa (it is a nickname Danita gave Léa). And because of it, it will go to the baby Cape.

Another toy for Léa - this one is called "Lola's toy" and was designed for another Cape. Just seeing all the pieces of beads and hardwoods and knowing Léa would LOVE it all, I couldn't resist adding it to my cart.

As for what follows - the cherished cottonwood and willow coins having become very hard to find, I've been hoarding what was left of my stock, only giving it out little by little. I figured it was time to find replacement wood coins, as I will eventually run dry. I've got some dogwood, some mulberry, some manzanita and some red willow coins to try out with the flock.

I also got some flat wheel beads, some grapevine hunks (mostly for Léa but maybe the little ones will attempt to destroy it too)as well as some "Slickety Sticks".

Finally, there was also a gift for Léa in the box. This time, it was from my friend Laura who also has a flock of Pois! Thanks Laura!

Now to get some of the toys from the many Winter/Holiday inspired collections currently on Things for Wings - and I'm feeling really tempted to get one of each of the Snowmen collection!

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