Saturday, July 28, 2012

Léa's vocabulary expansion

These past few weeks, she's been practicing saying one word - at first I couldn't quite make out what it was, but it was consistently the same and definitively said in her "speaking" voice. Then, as it got slightly clearer, it sounded like a mesh of "yes" and a not-so-nice word in French that I couldn't recall saying around her (or saying much at all really) so that left me puzzled.

Then, the other day, it came out loud and clear. What she was practicing was "KISS!". She had finally mastered the "K" part of the word.
What is funny is the context in which she uses it - if she's particularly bad in the afternoon when she's out alone with me in the orange room, I put her on the atom and turn my back to her. That is when she says "KISS!" in a rather sweet manner (yet quite authoritative) to get attention. Of course, I can't really resist it so she gets attention and cuddles and ends up rather happy. I guess it's her way to say "forgive me".

Another thing she's been practicing that we weren't exactly sure what he was saying was "Piper!" - in a very exuberant voice. Actually, the more I hear it, the more it seems that she's trying to imitate me when I go in the birds room and say all their names with much drama. Last night when I did so, every time I said Piper (making sure I marked both syllables), she would do the same, using the same voice and the same intonations as I did.

That now makes two bird names that she says - Piper and her own (her "Léa" is getting progressively better!). Wonder if she'll pick up any of the others. I think the logical next one should be Petey, as he says his name on his own quite a bit when he's expecting us to let him out of his cage..


Margaret said...

I know how exciting and funny it is, when your bird is trying to imitate you.
Our Lucky makes me feel shame, when he repeats: "Chico, Chico" as the way I call my cockatiel when she's doing something wrong;)

Congratulations and good luck with Lea's vocabulary!

Fernand said...

I am sure she will say many words!!!