Monday, July 16, 2012

I love surprises!

Who doesn't? Well at least good surprises..

Ever since we've moved, the Boy has been getting our mail, as he is normally the first one home. However, on days where I am to receive packages of stuff I've ordered, I would much prefer to be the one to go to the mailbox as it's just part of the experience and I've told him that.

So on random occasions he'll ask whether he can go or if I want to do it. Today was such a day. Not expecting anything, I told him to go ahead.

Well it turns I received a package from Danita. This had me puzzled as I had something in the works with her, but I hadn't officially gone through the order process.

What was in the box?

"Happy New Bird Room from Tango, Jasper and Chris"

A few weeks ago, Danita held a swing auction on her Facebook Things for Wings page. She put up three swings. This one was the one I coveted but, at the last second, Chris (a member of the Avian Avenue forum) snipped in and got it. Fair is fair.

When I saw the piece of paper with the swing, I couldn't help but smile. I guess this is the best possible result of losing an auction (and quite frankly, beats winning!) Thank you so much Chris!

The "something in the works" was also included in the box. I asked Danita if she could make another custom toy for Léa, like one I ordered a few months ago. Léa loved it quite a bit and destroyed it whole. I think that was the first time she chewed pieces of wood that thick!

Léa's custom toy filled with different kinds of wood coins and hardwood beads

A testament to relationships that are built is, to avoid ruining the surprise, Danita sent my completed toy before I paid (which I took care of). This takes a high level of trust that I truly appreciate. Thanks Danita!

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Maya said...

What a fantastic surprise!! Really cute toy, too!! Danita should put that up on her site! ;)