Sunday, July 15, 2012

Petey's obsession

Petey's goal these last few weeks has been to make it to the floor. Well, I should really say Petey's "renewed" goal - he's always liked the floor but lately it's been worse.

I don't particularly like birds being down there, and do try to discourage it, but Petey is a particularly stubborn one.

When we are in the orange room, he will climb down the Boy as fast as he can to make it to the floor. Once there, he tries to find a dark place and if the Boy happens to be sitting on the floor, that dark place might often be under his knee.

When he makes it down, he often does his little victory strut - which is him all puffed up, dancing from side to side and making his victory screech.

Petey's "victory" stance

Once he's down there, it is very hard to get him to step up. He'll normally just put his head down at the sight of a finger (I wouldn't dare do that) or a perch (the more sensible option, even for the Boy in this situation) and scurry away as fast as he can.

Yesterday, he managed once again to make it all the way down to the floor. He hurried to take cover under a table in the room (as seen on the picture above). He eventually turned around and every time the Boy would take his eyes off of him (generally to stop Joey getting into some mischief), Petey took the opportunity to RUN towards my feet..and every time the Boy would get back to him, he would stop as if nothing was happening.

Petey stopping mid-way between where he started and where I was located

Obviously I had taken my feet away when I saw him get close but that didn't stop him from trying to get closer.

The Boy did eventually manage to get him to step up, but this will be, unfortunately, an ongoing battle I'm sure.

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Maya said...

OMG. I know it shouldn't be funny, but it's really funny that he will stop as if nothing's going on when the Boy looks his way! LOL I hope your feet stay safe!