Friday, July 13, 2012

195:365 - Plotting

Well, not really. It was just one of those pure accidental shots, unless you consider preparing to fly to my shoulder to be plotting.

He's due back to the vet for some more beak work soon. I've been keeping the superficial trimmed down, but for the more extensive work, I'm not comfortable doing anything else but bringing him to someone who has a better idea of what they are doing. You can really see that the worst of the indentation that was working it's way up, since he actually first got in the injury, is now at the top of his lower mandible. Hopefully once it's cleared (by the continual growth of the beak) everything will be back to normal.

Oh and look at that, 5 days away from day 200!

1 comment:

Maya said...

Aw, he DOES look a little mischievous!!