Thursday, July 5, 2012

New CBT toys!

I received a recent order I placed with Crystal's Bird Toys yesterday!

What did I get?

I ordered a Jane swing for Piper - I found the Jane and George swings quite adorable and couldn't resist getting at least one! And with Piper, it'll most likely last longer so I'll get to enjoy it for longer!

I also got a new "Sew what?" toy to hang in a common area so everyone could enjoy it. Funnily enough, the day before yesterday, I saw someone post a picture of one she received on a forum and had to ask what it was since I quite liked the toy - totally forgot I also had one coming!

But the big piece of this order was my brand new large Tri swing! I had been contemplating ordering one for a while. Crystal recently announced she was going to take some time off this Summer so I figured I might as well get one before she was on break.

As you can see, I went with a green/orange/yellow colour scheme, mostly so it would go well in both the orange and green rooms.

Joey and Léa did give it a try yesterday - and both looked like they quite enjoyed it. The swing sadly is already missing some wood pieces..

I also had a small bag of foot toys hiding in with my order. Turns out my friend Maya decided to send a gift for the flock. Thanks Maya!

Finally, Crystal also included a few foot toys!

Thanks Crystal!

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