Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching some sun rays

Today was an absolute gorgeous day so everyone went outside. It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze in the backyard.

Some pictures -

With each outing, the birds are getting more and more comfortable. In fact, today I think almost all of them started playing with a toy close to their chosen perch. A neighbour (a few houses away) even started a chainsaw (or something that sounds incredibly like that) and they barely reacted to it.

Today was Petey's turn in the smaller cage - every small Poi is on rotation to go in it, except Zuri since he's in the cage that set up for him while he wears the collar. Piper is in an identical cage but I figured that it's fine for him just to go out for an hour or so to get some sun. I actually have another medium Kings Cage travel cage on the way. It was on sale and it's just a practical thing to have on hand! I also find that it's the most secure out of the cages I'm taking outside, although I do check them all every time before I bring them out. And while I keep the cages like they are for the time being, it'll be nice to be able to break down those that can when the weather gets too cold to bring them outside.

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