Monday, July 30, 2012

I feel a sigh of relief coming on..

Zuri's time in his collar is coming to an end!

He went to see the vet today. She seemed a bit puzzled that the scab was still there and she managed to take it off. This is something I didn't dare do, by fear that the toe wouldn't be healed and that I would have taken two steps back by trying to go forward. I figured she could deal with it if it there was a problem. Luckily, underneath the scab was a perfectly healed and very pink toe! We were told to keep the collar on for a few more days, I guess so that he gets used to this newly exposed skin, and after that, we are to watch him very closely when we do take the collar off, which means it makes sense to wait for this week-end.

I'm hoping that the preening job awaiting him on his feathers will keep him busy enough to detract from his toe - while I have tried to help with the new growths, I'm sure there is much upkeep that he'll want to do. And hopefully his new found freedom, to be able to fly and move where he wants to when he wants to, will keep his thoughts away from the toe.

The vet wasn't too concerned - she did mention that he might have some ghosts pains, but she didn't stress it. Ever since the bandage came off, Zuri hasn't really flipped himself over trying to get his foot so I hope that's a good sign!

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Maya said...

I'm so glad Zuri's collar-wearing is coming to an end! :)