Friday, January 4, 2013

December/January's "Cooking for the birds"

This is the first time since I started this series of post that I don't have a picture of the pile of fresh food I was going to use.

And while the title seems to make one believe it took me two months to complete, it's really that I didn't start until very late in December and since most of the food will be used in January and I didn't get around posting this until now, it felt right to include both.

It was another huge batch of food and like last time, I did the whole thing over a few days (cooked some grains on the first day, some legumes on another and finally chopped the vegetables on a third one.)

What went in it?

Grains & legumes
-French lentils
-Brown rice
-Chickpeas (I think Léa and Zuri would be very sad if these weren't included)

Vegetables & fruit
-Swiss chard (stem and leaf)
-Sweet peas
-Red bell pepper

I think that was it. I generally like to include sweet potatoes but had forgotten to get one before hand this time around.

Close up of the food

As I  mentioned above, the grains and legumes were cooked before going in the mix. I also gave all the veggies, except for the peas which were initially frozen and thawed before adding to the mix, a quick blanch before tossing them in the mix.

Once the food was all bagged up into dinner size portion (one bag feeds all seven birds for one evening), I got 34 portions. Add to this that I had fed the birds for 4 evenings before actually going through the bagging process, the whole mix gave me food for 38 days.

Not bad!

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