Thursday, January 31, 2013

4 years ago

That's right, it is time to "kick-off" the "gotcha" and "hatchday" celebrations of 2013!

And the first one up is Zuri, who, 4 years ago today, joined the flock.

The last year with him had it's own set of challenges for a few weeks when he got into trouble with Petey and ended up with that injury on his foot, which prompted him to chew it and end up with a slightly amputated toe and quite some time in a collar and bandage.

But he got all better and is back to his old self! As well, lately he's been very cuddly, relishing any opportunities to get his head scratched as he has a lot of pin feathers growing in - and that yellow on his forehead keeps expanding!

Here's to many more years together (and hopefully severe incident free years)!


Carey said...


I live in Kitchener, not far from you. Can you recommend a Meyer's Breeder near Kitchener?


Natacha said...

Hi Carey,

Unfortunately, I don't know of any Meyer's breeder in the Kitchener area. Both of mine came from a rescue.

I'm not sure if you have consulted this list before, but here is a list of Canadian breeders by species/province.