Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Perches from Things for Wings

A few weeks ago, Danita at Things for Wings had a sale - buy 5 perches, get a sixth for free. Seeing how I had recently depleted my perch stock (figuring some needed to be "retired"), I took advantage of the sale.

From left to right:
-Cajeput perch
-2 Ribbonwood perches
-2 Ocotillow perches

The cajeput perch is just fantastic! Given it's as wide as it is, it will be going to Léa who will have a lot of fun peeling away the many layers of bark.

Danita also recently started to carry some flagstone perches from Birds on the Rock. The perch that is pictured is the perch you buy; I find it a great approach, these perches are the type of things you want to see before buying, as they vary so much. I got one to replace the one in Joey's cage, which I have always been a little iffy about.

It wasn't a huge haul, but these 6 perches are welcome additions!

On top of these 6 perches, I also ordered 200 willow coins since they were part of a "special" sale - seeing how hard they are to come by, I took the opportunity to stock up! Didn't take pictures as I didn't want to remove them from their bags quite yet (I want to finish my current stock before I use the new coins).

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