Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recent orders - part 1

My lack of blogging of late has put me behind in updating about recent bird-related purchases.

Back in December (I think?), we needed to order some pellets so we turned to "Les Jouets Rosie". They luckily happened to be having a sale on food related items, which is always good. We initially ordered a 4lbs bag of TOPs (pellets) and the owner emailed back, saying she had one 10lbs bag left, with an expiry date in April, and offered it to us at a very very good price. Given we just recently purchased a chest freezer and would have plenty of space to store this bag, we went with that option.

Initially this was only meant to be a food order, but I noticed that the store now had listed a shower perch I had wanted to try out for some time. It seemed to be reasonably priced so we ordered one.

As well, given that Léa had made a mess of one of her pumice perch and that washing it would lead to the sandy coating on it to be removed and making it pointless (and I don't believe in just handing Léa a plastic perch with no purpose), we bought a new one.

This type of perch has done wonders about keeping her nails nice and trim. It's not placed in the cage in a location where she would be perched on it all the time as to avoid foot sores.

We haven't yet tried the shower perch but do want to do so sooner than later! I might just report back on how that went!

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