Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Avian Stainless

There is a new parrot toy website that has "opened" recently - Avian Stainless!

The store is managed by the fabulous Doris who is also the person behind one of my favorite parrot food stores, Avian Organics.

The website, which catalogue will still be growing, specializes in stainless steel toys, which are made by Doris' husband who has been a certified welder for over 40 years.

I haven't yet ordered, as I have met my allotted "bird supply" budget this month, but will probably indulge in February - there are a few toys which I think might be to Petey's liking (he likes to beat up his toys and make noise) and I also have my eye on something for Léa, as she is quite meticulous and I think she will like of these items too!

Avian Stainless -

Avian Organics -

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