Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recent orders - part 2

At the end of December, Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys was having a sale on their toys, and this included skewers.

As I was in need of an additonal small corkscrew skewer for one of the small Pois as well as a slightly larger one for Léa, I figured it was the time to order. Generally, when I've participated in Mother Pluckin' sales, it was for 10% off - this time, the rebate was 15%! I just couldn't pass.

To save on shipping, I made a joint order with Crystal (from Crystal's Bird Toys).

Today, I went top pick-up my skewers.

The small skewers comes pre-filled with some wood pieces but obviously not the medium. However, the medium has a nice swivel piece. While the height of the smaller one would probably be ok for Léa, I felt safer ordering the medium as the ball at the end is larger and will probably be more complicated for her to undo (doubt the smaller one would be a challenge).

On top of this joint order, Crystal and I also ordered some wooden parts at Woodworks together. I got a few hundred hardwood beads to fill up my bin - I'm sure the birds will be happy about this, at least once I start making more foot toys and regular toys!

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