Monday, January 21, 2013

Recent homemade toys

Most of these were done yesterday, except for the batch of foot toys.

Given that Joey, Shade and (recently) Zuri have been on a toy destruction binge, I figured I needed to try and keep up with them by making toys to replace the ones they destroyed. The easiest way to do this, partially at least, is to replenish their toy skewers when they have destroyed everything that was on there.

Since I mostly felt forced to do these, as opposed to wanting to and feeling creative about it, the toys aren't as original as they probably could have been.

The skewer toys -

The following one was made using cotton rope, pine squares and slats, natural willow and cottonwood coins and small barrel beads - definitively will be going to one of the smaller guys!

Finally, the pile of foot toys I made sometime in December but never posted about as I meant to do more of them but never got around to it. And since I'll want to hand these out sooner than later, might as well share them now!

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