Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another T4W order!

My recent order from Things for Wings.

There was a surprise sale a while ago. A certain percentage would be taken off your order at check-out but you wouldn't know what it was until you got there (it was the same amount for every customer).

I got a few more "Poi Garden" toys. This time, Petey got one as well. I did ask for a small change though, since the birds did not chew on the original slats of pine (I'm assuming they were too thick for them), I asked that those pieces be replaced with the softer balsa. Will see what the birds think later once I do give them the toys.

I also got a few more items. A few paper cups to do easy foraging toys, some leather lace to string beads, some paper cord also to string beads, some rolling pin toy bases and two baskets that were already on sale. I got a bag of free goodies (the one on top with a bunch of different things) as well as some free thinner pieces of pine.

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