Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first official Oliver's Garden order

I received my Oliver's Garden order today. While I did receive items from Oliver's Garden before, it was part of a gift exchange so this is really the first official time I've ordered there.

I'm very happy with what I got.

I initially made the order because I wanted to get a swing for both Piper and Pixel. Piper because I didn't have a proper size rope swing for him yet and Pixel I didn't have a swing for at all. I picked yellow for Piper and orange for Pixel.

Now it seems that the orange and yellow became a theme in other things as well. I ordered a white oddball but the extra bits on top were in shades of yellow and orange too. I wanted an oddball because they remind me of the atoms and Petey quite likes the atom and I wanted something similar in the birdroom but not as heavy. This oddball is perfect - while it is smaller than the two MP atoms I have in my living room, it's still plenty big for the Pois and the diameter of rope is great for their not-so-big feet.

I also got a few freebies and you can see that one of the toys also sports yellow and orange.

Piper has gone on his swing. Pixel has gone on hers as well, although she seemed a bit more weary about it. The oddball has so far been tested by Petey.

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