Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's all about Joey day!

This is really part one of a two part celebration in March since his hatchday will soon follow.

Today marks the third year anniversary that we got Joey. When I first got him three years ago back in 2008, he was a bit difficult with me - definitively nippier and prone to panic attacks that some Red-bellies experience.

Now, with him just shy of his sixth hatchday, I can officially say I've had had him for half his life, as much as his previous owner, possibly even a little longer when you consider those first few months where he was weaning.

Of course, there had to be pictures so Joey got to come out a bit earlier than the others this morning so he could have his own personal photoshoot..


"I get my own photoshoot?!"

"Better look dashing!"

"Oh and I get my head scratched too? I like this!"

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