Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's batch of greens

Greens in this case refers the fresh food I give the birds, even though it isn't only made with green stuff.

Haven't posted one of these in a while, but since I made a batch this afternoon and thought of taking pictures (or having the Boy take the pictures while I prepped and/or cleaned the kitchen), why not have a post?

The "before" shot.

In case some things are hard to identify for some, the items are, from left to right:
-Two carrots - my guys love carrots so I do use quite a bit as a base and it's good for them.
-Some lovely organic purple kale. Found some yesterday and the bunch was just too nice to leave.
-Some green kale, which I ended up not using, having enough of the purple kale (and giving the certified organic stuff to the birds and keeping the rest for us - might make kale chips)
-Red bell pepper. Why red? Cause they are my favorite and it's generally what I have on hand.
-An orange. They love oranges and the orange juice will help preserve the food slightly longer.
-Snow peas. Haven't purchased any in a while because they looked ratty but these looked good so I figured I'd splurge a bit for the birds (much to the Boy's dismay as I didn't get too many because of the price so we won't get any).
-Broccoli. As with the carrots, I always use broccoli in the greens mix. Not as loved as the carrots though.
-Cauliflower. Had some on hand and figured it would provide some diversity.

This week I did use kale, but the leafy green normally varies between kale, dandelion greens, swiss chard and collard greens. These are what are more available here and I either use one or a mix, depending on what I purchase.

The "after" shot - once everything was chopped up by hand. I sometime use the food processor but the birds seem to prefer the food in slightly bigger chunks.


Law Student 2009 said...

Natacha, this looks lovely. How long can you keep it? A full week?

Coco said...

Gosh I'm just jealous by how beautiful your photographs always come out!