Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fresh palm nuts

I recently made another "experimental delivery" of palm nuts from The Cozy Nestbox.

This has been our third attempt to trying to figure out ways to getting the palm nuts to travel well to Canada.

This time around, Kelly had vacuumed sealed the palm nuts to see if the process would help keep them fresher. And while some of the "bags" lost some of the seal and expanded a bit (something Kelly will be looking into fine tuning), the palm nuts arrived as nice as they ever did and I didn't throw out any of the shipment!

Kelly has also sent some fan palm nuts this time around and they've been quite the hit with Joey and Shade.

Queen palm nuts (orange) and Fan palm nuts (blue) - The Queen palm nuts had never looked so great arriving here before - leaving me very pleased as well as the birds. First time I received Fan palm nuts and they looked absolutely fantastic, despite being in the casing that had the most air when I opened the box.

Foxtail palm nuts (big reddish ones) and Christmas palm nuts (smaller reddish-green ones) - they were packaged together and obviously were the ones that suffered a bit more beating but were still perfectly fine to give the parrots.

Fan palm nuts on the stalk - so cool and I want to hang both stalks like that but not sure where to do so yet. Pandanus pods can be seen on the right.

To showcase the Pandanus pods - they have never traveled so well and I'm pleased with how good they look! Shade, Joey, Pixel and Zuri have been working on/off on a pod each in their cages.

Total order laid out to dry after having been washed in apple cider vinegar. Click on the picture for a slightly larger view

The shipment also included some Mahogany nuts, will post about them later on!

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