Saturday, March 5, 2011

When she decides to be relentless...

Pixel does not like Shade - but I've posted about that before.

Some days, everything goes well, but some days she's terribly set on getting into a feud with Shade.

Today is one of those days.

I've had Shade doing her thing on the computer desk right in front of me. She was at one end, eventually Pixel came around to the other end. She was fixated on Shade. So I took her and shooed her away to one of the Java trees around. She came back, was once again fixated on Shade and I shooed her again.

Did this a few times before she got a chance to leap.

But finally, she tried being quicker than me. Shade, getting used to this more, flew away before Pixel could have landed on her. I also interjected my hand, just in case, and caught Pixel mid-flight and got the blunt of the attack, having her bite down (without drawing blood though) on one of my fingers. She has been separated for the flock for her actions (ie is in the birdroom).

This does not happen all the time but I still need to keep my vigilance for situation like these.

Pixel is now "peek-a-boo-ing" to be let out back with the others.

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