Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Avian Organic's 5th Anniversary Sale loot!

From March 25th to April 3rd Avian Organics held their 5th Anniversary sale. That was 10 days were you had great items on sale and shipping was a very low $5 flat rate!

Of course, I couldn't pass, specially given that incredible flat rate for shipping!
What did I get?

Mango Medley & Bolivian Bliss

Now from memory I couldn't remember ever ordering the Mango Medley so I thought why not now? The Bolivian Bliss I had ordered before and it's well liked and since I was starting to run low, it was only logical to add it to my cart.

The breads - Flatbread Fusions (Pomegranate flavoured) and Bird Bannock.
Two favorites here. Again, just plain logical to stock up!

Now part of the sale was that if you ordered 5 different items, you could get a 6th one free! Of course, it wasn't hard to select 5 items. I wanted to try this new product, Aztec Crunch, which is basically spicy almonds. Why are there two bags? Well I wanted to get it for the birds but since I knew The Boy would want to try them as well, let alone eat a whole bag if I let him, I figured I would get the extra bag as my freebie. I have opened the bag a little earlier and every bird had ate one, including Piper and barely any crumbs were left.

Finally, during the 5 first days of the sale there was a draw at the end of the day. It wasn't announced what the winner would get. When it came to putting in my order, I tried to be strategic. I didn't do it on the first day because it was the first day and a lot of people just jumped ahead and proceeded with orders (kept track of it on Avian Avenue). I didn't do it the following day, a Saturday, since a reminder about the sale was posted and there was, once again, a lot of interest and people seemingly putting orders in. The following day appeared to be quiet so that's when I placed mine. I could have done it the day after as well but I wanted to avoid the last day since I figured a lot of last minute shoppers would be putting their orders in.

And guess what? I'm usually very very unlucky at draws like these but...I won!! I was the winner of Day 3 of the draws! So happy! My prize? Well look below.

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