Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet Sam

No I did not get a new Senegal. This little big guy (he's much larger than Shade!) currently lives with my Mom who is fostering him temporarily. His previous owner had to rehome her two birds, Sam and an Alexandrine who's already found a home. As she couldn't keep them, my mom is fostering Sam until he finds a new home.

Sam is quite sweet. Although he had never met me before, when I first saw him yesterday he did step up and didn't try to bite. He was a bit nervous (wouldn't you be around strangers) but was very well behaved.

I got a few more pictures and I do hope that this little sweetie will find a great loving home.


Coco said...

I love the new header!! There's just enough space for one more birdie... :D

Natacha said...


I've been making toys inspired by what you have been done for Lola with the rollin pin base. Will post pictures later, but I'm happy I'm done as the poly rope isn't particularly nice on the fingers :)