Sunday, April 3, 2011

What happened to the EH skewers?

Back in February I bought two used stainless steel Expandable Habitat skewers and, back then, was't too sure about what to do with them.

Then I went through my stash of wood pieces and found some Mother Pluckin' blocks and slats I had purchased the first time I put an order through MPBT and which, in time, I realized where slightly large for my guys and didn't really spark their interest.

So I took them out and started stringing them on the skewers and here is the end result.

What am I doing with them now? Well...they have been put in my larger empty cage for the moment and they seem quite at home there! After all, in the eventuality that I do one day get a Cape parrot, I don't think these would be too large for it's beak...

1 comment:

Saemma said...

Yay!! These beauties are finally going to be used by your girlie girlie cape!!