Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shade & Piper's first play areas

I was browsing through old pictures when I spotted these.
Pictures of the first play areas, well before my birdroom, that I had for Shade and Piper. They had different play areas as they didn't live on the same floor at the time. These were at my parents' place and Shade and Piper never truly met until I moved out and these first efforts to create play structures were done with my mom.

These pictures were from 2007.

Here is Shade's play area, or rather the Senegals play area. Her cage is the one we can see a bit on the left and her brother's cage was on the right. And then there was the small connecting play area. It might not have been too big but given they both had bad handicaps and were still quite young at the time and figuring how to move about, it was pretty decent. Eventually the cages were upgraded to something bigger and toys were added to the structure above the cages.

Here is the "optional" Lovebird play area. The cages underneath belonged to my mom's two Lovebirds, Piper's cage was out of that frame. However, that was their "suggested" play area but let's be honest, the true play area extended to that whole floor and not just to what was above the cage. I think that really served more to give them different areas to look out the window than to do anything else. They roamed the kitchen when nothing was being cooked as well as the living room and sometimes even explored the upper floor where the bedrooms were.

Things have come a long way since then, but it was nice to be reminded how it started.

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