Friday, April 22, 2011

More sprouting supplies on their way!

I just placed an order with mumm's sprouting seeds. Why? I have heard of a few people ordering there in the past and being pleased and after having once again visited the website, I figured it would be worth trying a few things, specially since there is free shipping to Canada with orders over $25 (free shipping to the States with orders over $50).

I got a few of the sprouting jars - at less than $2 per jar, they just seemed worth it and I like how they supply some netting to allow the jars to drain while upside down without emptying the content. While it is something that could be easily done by oneself, I can't be bothered to go out, find some jars, find some proper netting and the proper lid part.

I also ordered a few seeds, namely broccoli, green kale, kamut, mung beans and quinoa. While I was tempted by some of the peas and lentils, I do still have quite a bit of Avian Vitality mix from Avian Organics and will finish those packages before I order any more peas and lentils. The quantities I ordered of each varied.

I'm looking forward to receiving my order and am quite happy that the seeds are certified organic. While I don't always feed organic produce to my flock, I do try to obtain some things once in a while.

I will of course post again once the order comes in!

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