Friday, April 22, 2011

Austin Air Update

I recently (as in yesterday) got a comment on a previous post of mine, about the Austin Air Purifier I purchased last month.

"Alright! So what does the poi and one lovebird flock think of the Austin Air now? Are they adapting? Do you notice less dust floating around in the environment too? You know I love my Austins!!"

They've adapted to seeing it there and don't seem to be concerned with it in their room anymore. It's now part of the decor.

Less dust floating? Well, there was never that much dust around, given that none of my guys really generate that much dust. While I didn't see that much difference in the air, I think it did take longer for a little dust to settle on the cages. According to the Boy, the air does feel cleaner.

All in all, I do feel like it was a good purchase but I'm sure it'll be even more handy when I'll have it in a bigger room. Right now, confined in the small-ish birdroom, it doesn't have to work too hard ;)


Saemma said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear that! I'm pretty sure that your respiratory system is happier Isn't it interesting how many appliances you and I have in common? too! Hahaha!!

Coco said...

You know I LOVE my Austin too :)