Saturday, April 9, 2011

Poor Piper

Molting season is still on.
While the number of feathers that I find has diminished, Piper's head is a mess.
It doesn't look bad but it's full of pin feathers. And a lot of times with parrots you do see the pin feathers but not with him unless you move the grown feathers covering them.

He really wants people to scratch his head but, at the same time, if you accidentally hit on of those new feathers he twitches.

I find it easier to deal with the other guys' pin feathers as they are bigger and easier to handle when it comes time to taking off the dead skin without going down to the part that is still growing. With Piper, it's currently those very tiny feathers at the very top of his head that are growing in.

Can't wait for him for that growth to be over for a little while.

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