Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Shade Story

**The Boy insists what is described below really happened.

Last night, the Boy was put the little ones in their cages, paving the way for Léa to come out.

He brought Petey and Joey in one go.
Then got Pixel and Shade.

As he came back to get Zuri and Piper, he tells me:

"You'll never know what Shade just did.


-Well she opened her cage door, went down and got in her cage.

-How did she open the door?

-Well it was unlocked, she stood above and pulled it open."

So basically Shade decided to do this for the first time in his one taught her that, she's one smart cookie (and strong)!

This might also explain how she's managed to get out of her cage in the past...

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