Wednesday, August 22, 2012

235:365 - Stripes

The blinds I have in front of my windows are oh so practical when it comes time to prevent the birds from ever flying in the windows while allowing light to come in, but become rather impractical, at least aesthetically, when I try taking pictures as the sun goes down, trying to take advantage of the last bits of available natural light.

But I do think it kinda made for a neat picture, at least this one time.

As well, Zuri's face is a little on the soft side, although it barely shows on the blog given the size of the picture. He wasn't really being all that cooperative when it came time to have his picture taken tonight so it'll have to do. And as I said, I do genuinely like the picture, but do wish I could have done a better job at focusing on his face.

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Fernand said...

He spent too much time in jail :)