Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thoughts of birdroom expansion

I had promised myself before I moved that once we got the house, I would try to contain the bird stuff to a room, the "official" birdroom (aka the green room). The one exception at that time was that I knew I was going to put the full size Java tree in another room so that there would be something somewhere to accommodate a bird or two if I needed to bring them somewhere else. I had chosen the Java tree since a) I figured it would be a tight fit with the cages in the birdroom (which it turns out it would have been) and b) since it's a nice enough piece that even in the formal living room (where it did end up), it doesn't look out of place and didn't necessarily made the room feel invaded in bird things.

Once we moved, it became apparent.that my initial plans were going to require some tweaking. Initially, the orange room was supposed to act as a guest room/office. Well, since I like having the birds out with me when I'm on the computer (and they like being around me), that changed...the orange/yellow frame came in and that made impossible to add the furniture required for the guest part of the room. Which, really, wasn't all that bad since we scarcely have anyone visit and the room is much more utilized as it is now. And while that structure was put in there so I could have an atom without putting any holes in the ceiling, I am starting to contemplate doing just that and adding a few more things above for the birds to play on. The Boy isn't opposed to the idea and I'm sure they would like to see the cube hanging once more.

Now before I do take the plunge and put the last nail in the coffin of the orange room officially becoming a second birdroom, I'm really trying to figure out the layout I'll want to give it - as I won't want anything hanging above the computer desk area and ideally, I'd like to have a crawler hanging up there..we are in no hurry, but generally, when I start thinking about things like this, I'll want it done fairly quickly when I've made final decisions.

The things I do for these parrots.


Maya said...

Oh boy!! I had a feeling this was going to happen! LOL Man... guess that means no guest bedroom for me to sleep in when I come to visit. :P

Natacha said...

We'll have something in the basement to accommodate visitors ;)