Saturday, August 18, 2012

By the window

Here are a few other pictures from Léa's photo shoot from this morning. It was actually rather difficult to narrow it down to one picture today - so why not share more of them?

While I was disappointed that I couldn't just use natural light (I tried and the results were less than ideal) and had to revert to using a flash, I do like the lighting on these. Almost dream like at times.

She actually turned 15 months old earlier this week. I obviously have a strong bias, but I can't help thinking she's looking prettier as she gets older. Not that looks are all that important, but her adult plumage is quite striking and pictures really don't do her colours justice, especially to the intricacy of the grey/silver on her head.

Also, after a few week-ends of either very hot weather or rainy days (or both!), we were finally able to go back outside today, as it was nice, comfortable and sunny (without being overbearing). I asked the Boy to take a video (as pictures through cage bars don't really work all that well) and might post it later if it's anything worth sharing.


Fernand said...

You are absolutly right! It is amazing when I enter the bird room and I see both my old pair (Lea's parents) and my young 9 months old pair. They look so much "duller" :)

Margaret said...

She is beautiful!