Monday, August 27, 2012

Long overdue Avian Organics order

The title says it all really.

The last order I put in was some time before the move as I didn't want to have to bring over too much stuff if I could avoid it and I had a pretty large inventory of Avian Organics goodies left at the time.

However, that inventory lessened as the weeks went by and soon enough I needed some more of the dry treats.

2 bags of Rustic Ribbons & Twisted Treasures

Sweet Potato Sticks, Blueberry Mini Sticks & Cajun Berry Minis

2 bags of Cauli Crisps & Pear'ngs

As always, Doris was VERY generous. She included an extra bag of Cauli Crisps (which are delicious by the way!) and Twisted Treasures. The latter was a big surprise as I had wanted to order them but on the website it said that they were out of stock.

Thank you so much Doris!

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