Saturday, August 25, 2012

237:365 - Thinking..

To make sure I had enough unfiltered natural light for this picture I drew up the blinds.
This made Léa want to go on the windowsill and have no interest to stay put on the atom for a few pictures. Since I had a windowsill picture for last week, I wanted something different today, so I kept putting her back on the atom every time she flew to the window.

Eventually, she caught on that the "direct" path was no good and that I could interrupt her mid-transit.

So here she is, trying to figure a way around me.

All of this of course meant that instead of taking 2-3 minutes, the whole photoshoot took closer to 10...and ended because I was annoyed at trying to get her to sit still long enough to *try* and get 5 pictures.

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