Thursday, August 23, 2012

Léa loves her Nutty Cupcakes!

Well the toy that goes by that name from Crystal's bird toys at least. I gave her one yesterday and she wouldn't let it go. It was really funny to see her try and get around the cupcake liner.

Look, no feet!

I would call the toy a success - but, to be honest, anything with almonds is bound to be successful with her. In fact, before handing her the Nutty Cupcake, I had given her a Nutty Bagel, which, to me, seemed easier to destroy once I spotted the Nutty Cupcake, as it doesn't have cupcake liners that "get in the way". I had tried giving the Nutty Cupcake at that time to one of the smaller Pois but they were all a bit concerned (or looked liked they were) by the cupcake liners and it did seem like it was a bit big for them and probably awkward for them to hold it, so I came back, took the Nutty Bagel away from Léa (yes, I know, I'm a terrible person - she actually looked surprised at first and then made what sounded like very sad noises) and offered that one to the smaller Pois, and they seemed a bit more receptive to it. So I went back and gave the Nutty Cupcake to Léa - which made her happy once again.

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