Tuesday, July 22, 2014

201:365 - Petey

Being on vacation, I didn't feel the need to take many pictures at once for the week, and thought the day-by-day approach would work. This was taken on the day I had a pretty terrible migraine, and where I regretted not having taken all of the week's picture in one day. Petey also wasn't in a picture taking mood, so, once again, I only took a handful of pictures.

His belly looks a little rough, but he's been spending quite a bit of his time lately, either playing in the bottom of his cage or going on the ground in the orange room and try to dig his way under the Boy's leg (who sits on the ground when we are in there), so his belly rubs the carpet. We've tried to get him to do other things, but that is what he wants to do. Nesty Petey.

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