Friday, July 18, 2014

Jealous Lovebird

Piper was pretty terrible yesterday at making sure Shade didn't get anything he didn't get as well; funnily enough, he mostly has this attitude towards her and no one else. Maybe because she's the one bird he can follow closely to ensure he gets everything she gets without her fighting back.

Things he did yesterday:
  • Although he was already on my left shoulder, when Shade came on the right one, that was the shoulder he had to be on;
  • Shade then moved to the computer desk and although the desk had been free before, and her moving effectively freed up the coveted right shoulder, he also, at that moment, needed to be on the table.
  • If Shade started to chew on a specific piece of wood, then he had to have that specific piece of wood, not one that was just like it and "free" to be chewed on.
These are only a few examples. He also got very pushy and slightly annoying. It's not like he doesn't get all the attention he wants (he is the one bird who truly gets the most one-on-one from me), but he doesn't want to share nicely at times. Nothing prevented him from getting his typical cuddle time, even if she was around.

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