Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Red bellies enjoying the basket of goodies

To which basket am I referring to?

The lovely basket we got as a draw prize during Avian Organic's anniversary sale back in April.

I'm fully aware that we are now in July and that it seems like it's been a while since April. Oddly enough, this wasn't an occasion where I was hoarding toys away, but rather it was kept in a box in the basement and I had more or less forgot about it after initially wondering how I was going to give it to the birds.

In the end, while looking for foot toys to provide on the computer desk in the orange room, I remembered the basket and it seemed to fit the requirements of what I was looking for.

It's been on the desk for a few days now, and while some of the birds are still unsure about it, the Red bellies, especially Joey, have sorted through it on a few occasions (and made a mess every time, throwing out what was less appealing at the time, while digging for preferred goodies).

Oh, it's been a while since I had a basket to chew!

Hmm...out this goes!

Oh I like these!

*crazy "I love these" eyes*

So much fun to tear apart!

What else is there to play with?

King of the pile!

Pixel mostly enjoyed a dried piece of corn cob and husk (minus the niblets) - can you see her reflection in both pictures?

There is still plenty of goodies to play with, including the basket, although the pile of natural pieces has gone done a bit. The best part is that everything keeps those beaks busy!

I'll end with one last picture of Joey, diving into the basket.

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