Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 - "Cooking for the birds"

These posts haven't happened as often as I wanted over the summer, the last one dating from April. But it was just easier to prepare a meal every night than to set time aside to make a large batch of food, that is until I was on vacation.

Last week I finally got around to preparing all the veggies, beans and grains and here is what this new mix looks like:

The vegetables, pre-cutting -

The final mix -

-Black kale (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Rainbow chard (pictured - from my garden)
-Beets (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Broccoli (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Carrots (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Beans (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Red bell pepper (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Organic quinoa
-Adzuki beans
-Mung beans
-Organic purple barley

There is one typical ingredient that is missing - chick peas! I had run out and went ahead without it...and apparently it might have not gone unnoticed, as Léa loves them and has initially been eying her food bowl in a weird way.

That is it! I hope to make another batch in August, or maybe early September and hope to have more goodies from my garden and the Farmers' market.


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