Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A morning outing

Finally, everyone got to enjoy some sunshine for the first time since the beginning of our vacation! Monday, the Boy and I went for breakfast and by the time we got back home, it was too hot in the backyard. Yesterday morning was dreadfully wet. This morning, however, was nice and sunny, yet quite comfortable. So we got the second table outside, packed everyone in their travel cages and brought them outside.

Some were more comfortable (Shade, Léa), some took a few minutes to adjust (Piper, Joey) and some were not very happy (Zuri, Pixel). As for Petey - well one never knows how Petey will react to anything (for example, one morning he will like a particular food item while the next he won't touch it...) Lately, Petey had been good outside, but this morning it took him a good half hour to get there, but then he was dancing like crazy and looked like he was enjoying himself quite a bit.

Some pictures (not the greatest quality as these were taken with my phone) -


Towards the end of their time outside, something spooked Zuri so he got to go in a little earlier (we looked around, couldn't find anything and none of the other birds really seemed to have picked up on whatever it was).

However, Zuri wasn't the only one who got spooked during our morning outing; at the very beginning, it was me who got protective. I love cats, I even have a cat. My cat and my birds don't interact though. I'll also add that my cat is also an indoors cat so none of my neighbours have to deal with her going on their property. I think it is pretty obvious where I'm going with this - new of this year (such as this wasn't an issue the two past summers we've lived here), a neighbour a few houses away lets two of her cats out. They are quite friendly, and one has even wanted to come in our house in the past (which obviously we did not allow). But I'm not so keen when, let's say, they leave little "gifts" in our garden...This morning though, I heard one of the cats on the other side of our fence, calling to us. The Boy was still inside (he was in the process of bringing the cages outside while I was outside keeping an eye on those that were out) - and, without really thinking about it, I went to get our hose (small backyard means everything is pretty much within reach) and heavily sprayed the fence, so the cat would get the message. After the second shot of water to the fence, he got it and left. That got me thinking that for a while I was entertaining the idea of an enclosed patio and I probably would have felt more at ease of letting a bird or two out there with little supervision had that been what we ended up with...and that might have led to an accident involving these cats. Not that I would blame the cats, as they are predators, but I really don't think highly of that neighbour for letting her cats run around.

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