Friday, July 11, 2014

Trying to get my attention

We've been going in a cycle with Léa regarding biting habits, where she will think it is ok to bite to get attention, then stop, then start over, then stop...well you get the idea. We are currently in the portion of the cycle where she resorts to biting for attention.

We try very hard to not reward the bite with attention, as she would get what she wants and it'll be reinforcing her habit. When I see the bite coming, but before it occurs, I'll tell her no, which is enough to stop her in her tracks and move away to do something else...but she'll inevitably come back later and try again. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time between her "attacks" for me to instead reinforce her being good without it being associated to what had just happened before.

This morning, I was having none of it, saw the bites coming, called her out before they happened and...well it looked that she temporarily found another way to get some attention, one I much prefer and was quite successful (for both of us).

What did she do?

Well see for yourself.

She got a floofy on her beak and instead of trying to take it off, she stood in front of me, looked up with her head tilted sideways. Well, yes that I will reward with attention (after I took a few pictures).

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ra husky said...

Woo are very beewoootiful birdeh!