Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation time!

And contrary to last year, we are staying around, which means the birds should get more time with us.

My main focus, actually, is to get them outside as much as I can. Things didn't start off too great though. Saturday are days where the Boy and I go to the local Farmer's Market bright and early - well for their opening, which is at 9 in the morning. By the time we got back home yesterday, it had gotten quite hot, especially in the backyard (which faces south and has no trees for shade). And given that we got home quite late on Friday night (worked late to get things ready before I left for the vacation), they didn't get out on Friday, so we figured it would be best to let them out of their cages (in the house) on Saturday morning.

As for this morning, it is a no go, as it is raining, and quite heavily at times. However, the birds are getting some extra time out of their cages this morning (compared to what they generally get), since we felt guilty for not letting them out as much this past week.

So far, no one is complaining!

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