Thursday, July 17, 2014

The klutz

Look closely around her left nare. Somehow, she managed to scratch the skin that surrounds it a little; nothing major, it is all very superficial and there wasn't any inflammation.

But the question remains, what did she do to make that happen?

These pictures were taken last Tuesday morning (and I thought I would get around to posting about this earlier, since I technically should have more free time, but obviously, other things got in the way) and there were no apparent scratches when she came out on Monday, so these had to happen between her last time out on Monday and that Tuesday outing - I'm thinking probably early on Tuesday, while she was waiting for her turn to come out of the cage since the scratches looked fresh.

As she didn't interact with any of the other birds, that rules out injury by other bird(s).

I figured it had to be a result of one of her toys; after all, she likes to play rough and does like to bang her toys around, so it wouldn't be surprising that one of them would come right back towards her and possibly hit/scratch her. I inspected her cage and found one toy with large and thin wooden slats that she had chewed down to pointy ends and it is likely the toy behind the scratches. Out it came (we will use it out of cage so I can see what she does to it) and have replaced it with a toy less likely to have bits turned into sharp dagger-like items.

Since I took the pictures, the scratches have healed up nicely. I'm pretty sure she didn't even realize what she had done to herself.

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